Your Elise in our hands

We, at Esprit Engineering, are able to look after your Elise for both scheduled and unplanned maintenance.

Fixed Price Repairs

Being one of the most reliable Lotus cars it is possible for us to repair the most common faults for a fixed price.

Examples of this would be :

  • Head gasket replacement @ £500.00
  • Timing belt change (including a tensioner bearing) @ £185.00
  • Suspension upgrades to the S2 spec

Bilsteins shocks are a good upgrade if your Elise S1 still has the old Konis shock absorbers.  Bilsteins have been developed by Lotus to far exceed the ride quality and handling of the aftermarket shocks.  At only £ 548.00 plus fitting these are great value too.

We also offer the EBC new black grooved disc with the ever popular green and red stuff pads.

Useful Upgrades

Useful upgrades which can be fitted at the same time as a service include Janspeed Sports Exhausts and Replacement Panel K&N filters of the 57i Kit with the all important cold air feed.  Give the car a more throaty induction sound while freeing up the intake tract.

Tyre Fitting

We also supply good quality tyres with precision fitting and balancing.

Elise MOT

We offer an MOT service so as not to be caught out by the old cat test constantly revving the engine until the head gasket fails and then blaming the car, I prefer a more gental approach.

Mechanical Work - Engine Rebuilds, Gearbox repairs

We are able to carry out all mechanical work.  Engine rebuilds, gearbox repairs and any insurance repair work.

All work is carried out at our well tested and approved body shop.

Whether you have an S1 or S2 Elise K series or toyota powered

Whatever your requirements

It's worth calling Esprit Engineering - even if you just need some advice

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