Air Conditioning

The Esprit Air-Conditioning system, if maintained correctly, is an extremely effective cooling system.

It is very basic in design - comprising a compressor, condenser, evaporator, dryer and expansion valve.

The early Esprits use the old R12 gas and the fittings are of the flange variety. The latter using R134a and having O rings in all the connections the pipes are also double barrier construction so to keep the thinner R134a from leaking through the pipes themselves.

The problem you Esprit owners come acrossis that yousee a sign on the side of the road saying

"Air-con re-gas £39.95"

and you think "great". You pull in and the chap says "I’ll need to convert your car to R134a". He fits an adaptor, puts it on his machine and goes and gets a coffee. Half an hour later, with the system charged it still does not work.

What you and he don't know is the oil in the compressor is not compatible and that the reason the systemfailed in the first place some 5 years earlier is the receiver dryer has split and sent it’s contents to the expansion valve.This has clogged up the valve. This is not something that his 1 day course prepared him for !

What is the remedy

Manually flush the pipes and condenser.  Replace the valve and receiver dyer.  Reassemble and vac test (then re-fill if it’s R12).  Then a suitable replacement with the correct weight or R134a if it’s the later type.

Topping up the Air-Con ?

Many people try topping up there air-con and this is all most always a waste of time as an over filled system won’t work just as an under filled system won’t work.

If your system works but is not very cold (and by cold I mean 0 degrees) at the vent you may get away with a refill but make sure they use the correct gas.  Don’t be fobbed off - you should feel a chill in the air from the vent if it works correctly.

We, at Esprit Engineering, stock all the parts for both early and late systems and have the experience in house to return your system to fully operational air-conditioning.

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