Official Lotus Heritage Repair Centre

Esprit Engineering is an official Lotus Heritage Repair Centre that caters for all Lotus cars from baby Elans through the Esprit and M100s right up to the latest Evoras and Elises

Our modern, well-equipped workshop is a safe and secure environment for your Lotus. Customers' cars are locked in the secure premises with a 24 hour monitored alarm service.

Esprit Engineering was established in Downton in 2000. We have grown to become the leaders in our field and specialise in the Esprit V8. Our engineers have over 50 years experience working with Lotus cars.

All work is done to the highest standards to ensure the best results.

Looking for replacement parts

Many Lotus cars are old and many parts are no longer manufactured by Lotus.  Esprit Engineering is a Lotus Heritage Centre with direct links with the Lotus factory so we can supply Lotus parts but also where Lotus no longer supply parts we repair or fabricate them.  So we can get your Lotus back on the road even if it has been off the road for a long time.

To find a part please use one of our three parts lists :

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